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Track / Wall Sawing

The fastest and most precise method for creating openings in vertical concrete structures. This technique is commonly used to cut door and window openings through walls and floors.

Track & Wall sawing is a fast efficient method of creating precise cuts in reinforced concrete and masonry structures. Track saws have many applications from forming angled cuts, sawing through staircases, door, window and vent openings along with many more. Track saws can also be ideal in demolition separation cutting applications.

Track sawing offers high accuracy and smooth cuts compared to other concrete cutting tools such as stitch drilling and wire sawing, the accuracy of track sawing is second to none.

Drillcut (UK) Limited large fleet of track saws consists of the latest and most advanced within the industry. Track saws have a cutting head that is mounted on a track that is fixed to the structural element being cut, hence the name track saw. The entire track saw set-up consists of an electric saw head on a track system anchored on the surface being cut. During cutting, the head moves along the track while being powered by an electric unit, the blade is covered by a guard. The saw plunges the blade to the required cutting depth up to 1000mm deep. Track saws are controlled remotely which makes them very safe.

Benefits of track or wall sawing:

  • Great for cutting holes in walls, doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift shaft openings.
  • Where there is reduced working space wall sawing can offer a viable solution.
  • Cutting depth of 1000mm achievable
  • Remote operated at a safe distance
  • 3 Phase electrically powered, No Gases or Fumes given off.
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