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Track / Wall Sawing

The fastest and most precise method for creating openings in vertical concrete structures. This technique is commonly used to cut door and window openings through walls and floors.

Of the concrete or masonry to be cut, once positioned the saw head travels along either vertically or horizontally to suit the task in hand. The diamond saw blade is attached to a saw head mechanism and rotated at high speed to form the cut. The saw blade cuts the concrete or masonry in small increments, using a series of passes until the required depth has been achieved. The track sawing is over-viewed and controlled remotely by the operating engineer. They are able to maintain a safe working environment, cutting the concrete or masonry without any undue stress or strain to the structure or equipment.

Benefits of track or wall sawing:

  • Great for cutting holes in walls, doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift shaft openings.
  • Where there is reduced working space wall sawing can offer a viable solution.
  • Cutting depth of 1000mm achievable
  • Remote operated at a safe distance
  • 3 Phase electrically powered, No Gases or Fumes given off.
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