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Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic Bursting

A quiet and efficient method of controlled demolition used to remove large concrete structures such as foundations, pillars, bearers and concrete walls.

Holes are drilled in the concrete structure and the burster head is inserted, which is then expanded by hydraulic power. Hydraulic pressure is provided by a motor, powered by electricity, diesel or petrol. The build-up of lateral forces against the inside of the holes induces cracks in the concrete. The cracking follows the plane of weakness created by the holes that were drilled previously. The process is repeated until the whole structure is fractured into smaller sections and ready for removal.

  • Suitable when noise needs to be kept to a minimum or where large breaker machines are unable to reach and vibration is not permitted
  • 3 Phase electrically or petrol operated
  • Ideal for breaking up plinths, thick slabs, rock, large mass concrete, ballast etc
  • Virtually silent in process.
  • Significantly reduces hand and arm vibration.
  • Powerfully effective against deep concrete masses.
  • Works as an alternative method to noisy percussive demolition
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Hydraulic Bursting to a Slab of Concrete
Hydraulic Bursting to a Slab of Concrete

Hydraulic Bursting in Action...