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Controlled Remote Demolition

Remote Controlled Demolition

Brokk Demolition Machinery delivers powerful, versatile and safely controlled remote demolition, using the latest technology. Our Brokk robotic demolition machines are ideal for working in environments where point loadings, noise, access, and toxic fumes are a challenge.

The operator controls the machine from a safe-distance using a remote control device connected by a cable or radio signal making them the unique controlled demolition tool delivering a silent demolition result. In addition the operative has no contact with the machine as it is operated by the operator via remote control about their person eliminating any vibration issues associated with Hand and Arm Vibration and White Finger.

Brokks are powered by electric motors, ensuring a low noise output and the absence of exhaust fumes. All machines can be fitted with demolition tools including breakers, jaws and buckets, to suit a range of tasks.

From the Brokk 40, 90, 100, 160, 180, 250 to the Brokk 400 DrillCut (UK) Ltd has the solution for the toughest controlled demolition task.

Benefits of using robotic demolition

  • Electrically powered eco-friendly remote operated machines
  • Using the remote control allows the operator to work at a safe distance from the demolition zone and any failing debris, No banks man required
  • Zero hand arm vibration
  • Ideally suited to working inside buildings where structural demolition is required
  • The percussive hammer outclasses many machines 4 times its size
  • Hydraulic jaws can be used crunching up to 550mm reinforced concrete
  • Several easily changeable attachments for various tasks.
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