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Recruitment at Drillcut

A Career in Diamond Drilling with Drillcut (UK) Ltd

Drillcut (UK) Ltd are recruiting for diamond drillers, both experienced and as trainees, within the UK. It’s an exciting time for the construction industry,

Drillcut (UK) Ltd, we are committed to developing our people in their chosen career paths and to grow their skill base with extensive investment, including the NVQ programme. We believe the continual growth and strength of our business lies with our talented team, by providing them with every opportunity to develop a sought-after trade and with the skills to help them grow both as people and employees.

Our training commitment goes way beyond the industry minimum qualification. All our trainees – and experienced drillers – are qualified to NVQ Level 2 Sawing and Cutting, We also try to give all our employees a chance to go on and receive on-going certifications within the construction sector during their career. Our operatives begin with diamond drilling NVQ’s after following some of our more experienced diamond drillers they will be placed on a course to get these qualification’s, then progress to other skills, such as floor and track sawing and Brokk courses.


About Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling and cutting of concrete is a specialist trade. Professional, highly-trained and qualified operatives are in high-demand to execute these precise construction techniques. We pride ourselves in the training and development of our staff, equipping our operatives with the specialist skills they need. We prepare them for the demands and rigours of delivering a premium, reliable and professional service to our clients.

We offer outstanding opportunities for all, please feel free to enquire about possible opportunities in the company.

If this interests you please do not hesitate and get in contact with us for more information, which we can provide: