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Southmead Hospital

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Location: Bristol

Contract Length: 44 weeks

Scope of Work: B W I C


  • Southmead hospital project valued at £430 million pounds was too combine two hospitals in Bristol together, this would mean the demolition of the Frenchay hospital and the demolition of the old Southmead hospital making way for the new redevelopment of the new Southmead hospital project on one single site.
  • Stage one of the project was to demolish the existing hospital at southmead, while retaining some buildings of historic interest.
  • The project was started in the summer of 2009 and was on a strict deadline to be opened by 2013.
  • Drillcut (UK) Ltd were called upon to be involved in various scopes of works from diamond drilling service holes to deploying our brokk demolition machines to be used on various site work.


  • We completed our onsite work in the four year period set by the main contractor
  • Complete with onsite cabin
  • Limited time for completion
  • Debris sorted and removed
  • Equipment tested and positioned prior to work commencing.
  • Water-based dust suppression equipment used during deconstruction of structures.

Key benefits

  • Debris sorted and removed to skip to be recycled
  • Zero emissions machines used to prevent carbon monoxide


  • Specialist equipment owned and operated by Drillcut (Uk) Ltd ensuring fixed cost and qualified experienced operators
  • Onsite cabin supplied and travel was supplied by contractor to lower emissions


  • Completed onsite work to contractor’s schedule

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