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Print Hall

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Location: Bristol

Contract Length: 6 weeks

Scope of Work: Diamond Drilling 600 Diameter Holes up to 2m Deep


  • The Bristol Evening post building Known as the Print Hall, the £18m scheme comprises three towers, the tallest of which is 12 storeys, on Temple Way. The development will provide accommodation for 241 students, and includes communal areas, amenity and leisure facilities, with new public realm and pedestrian routes through the site.
  • Drillcut (UK) Ltd were required to diamond drill 149 Number 600 diameter core holes up to 2.6 meters deep in heavily reinforced concrete slab.
  • The schedule complied that we would stick to a tight schedule of 7 weeks work.


  • New High frequency electric drilling rig deployed with a series of different length core bits to go with every drilling rig
  • Tyrolit Pull down wire saw deployed with diamond wire to cut sections.
  • 1.5m High Frequency track saw deployed
  • All Cores to be removed by all terrain fork lift and moved to skip for recycling
  • Pull out test was carried out on site for the forklift to know the measures of which the forklift can pull.

Key Benefits


  • Sludge buster was used to clear all slurry to skip and keep a safe working environment
  • Onsite cabin was used to limit van emissions
  • All cores were removed to skips and recycled
  • 3 Phase was used on site


  • Project was completed on a budget
  • Equipment was supplied by Drillcut (UK) Ltd keeping costs of project down and all operatives supplied with the all qualifications supplied by Drillcut (UK) Ltd

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