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Bromley Heath Viaduct

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Location: A4174 Ring Road Viaduct

Contract Length: 33 Weeks

Scope of Work: Removal Of Reinforced Concrete Viaduct


  • Drillcut (UK) Limited were called upon to safely remove the south cantilever of a suspended viaduct bridge into manageable sections.
  • Over 250 Linear Meters of viaduct required cutting and removing safely and quickly – Heavily reinforced concrete sections varied from 8 Tonnes to 2.5 Tonnes in weight and between 750mm to 1.3m in depth.
  • The schedule complied that we would stick to a tight schedule throughout the scheduled works


  • A combined method of 3 Phase Electric Diamond wire saw cutting and track sawing was deployed to carry out the works required.
  • Full water protection system was designed to catch all the slurry water from entering the river below.
  • Weight management was used throughout along side pullout tests and resin anchors ensuring the crane would be capable of removing concrete lumps.
  • Various teams of fully trained operatives were deployed to carry out different tasks and work together to carry out diamond wire sawing and diamond track saw cutting simultaneous to ensure the programme was completed on time.

Key Benefits


  • No slurry water entered the river below the suspended viaduct
  • 3 Phase electric high frequency equipment used throughout
  • All concrete removed from the cantilever was recycled
  • Low noise equipment and method of works used along side various decibel readings throughout the project and downtime periods were used to keep nearby public happy throughout the project maintaining to the scheduled programme.


  • Project was completed on time and on budget
  • All Equipment was owned & supplied by Drillcut (UK) Ltd keeping costs of project down and all operatives supplied with the all training & qualifications supplied by Drillcut (UK) Ltd throughout.
  • Project was successfully completed before the allocated programme keeping the project on track.

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