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Amazon Mega Warehouse

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Location: Avonmouth

Contract Length: 5 weeks

Scope of Work: Full Removal Of A Reinforced Concrete Slab

Project Description

  • Amazon has bought 33.5 acres of land at Severnside Distribution Land’s logistics development at Central Park, in Avonmouth.
  • A deal on the build contract would be a coup for ISG as the Avonmouth scheme is the first the retailer has self-developed.
  • The shed will give Amazon 16 ‘fulfilment’ centres, including new openings in Doncaster, Warrington and Tilbury.


  • Drillcut (UK) Limited were called upon to safely and securely remove a huge amount of concrete slab which needed to be strengthened for new machinery mezzanine level.
  • The warehouse was live and fully enclosed so routes and machinery had to be planned by ISG site team and minimal vibration allowed.
  • Drillcut (UK) Limited proposed the electric 3 phase floor sawing method to remove the slab in 1.5 x 2.0m pieces x 305mm deep reinforced concrete slab amounting to approx. 10,000 LM of floor sawing.
  • No over cutting into the existing slab and a careful work around live LV panels which were located nearby


  • Drillcut (UK) Limited deployed 3nr. Electric floor saws from there Head office in Bristol fully equipped with x2 sets of diamond drilling teams
  • Drillcut (UK) Limited invested in a state of the art water recycling unit to recycle the slurry concrete water into clean water and deposit the waste bricks into a general waste skip provided on site.
  •  10,000 LM of electric floor saw was carried out in record time of 3 – 4 weeks of work
  • 750nr. 150mm diameter core holes were drilled to a required depth of 305mm in total of (228.75LM of diamond core drilling through reinforced concrete slab
  • LV panels where carefully cut and diamond core drilled with a combined method


  • SP8 Slurry fox was invested in by Drillcut (UK) Limited to recycle the slurry water used in the cutting and diamond drilling works and reproduced a clean supply into cubes of water for re use
  • All slurry bricks were dried and cleared to skips provided on site using a tipping skip to reduce any manual handling.
  • No drains where used for slurry water
  • All operatives carried out the project where fully trained and certificated all nearby to the project
  • Concrete slab was cleared by Kiernan construction group and recycled on site using a crusher and set to be re used


  • Drillcut (UK) Limited knowledge and experience of the diamond drilling sector kept the project on a tight schedule of works and completed the works before the allotted time frame
  • All equipment was owned by Drillcut (UK) Limited ensuring the project cost was kept to a minimum
  • Tests were carried out on site prior to starting the project to ensure the correct diamond segment was used for the diamond drilling and the sawing by Drillcut (UK) Limited.


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