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Health & Safety

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The Health and Safety at Work Etc. Act 1974 requires Drillcut (UK) Ltd to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of our employees and anyone else who may be affected by our activities.

Drillcut (UK) Ltd regards the promotion of Health & Safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels. It is therefore this Company’s Policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards. Our aim is to undertake a basic process of risk management through continual improvement in planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review. We will utilise the best industry established practices as stated in The Drilling and Sawing Association’s Code of Safe Working Practice to assist us in achieving this aim

It is our intention, so far, as is reasonably practicable, to:

  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions taking account of any statutory requirements.
  • To ensure that Health & Safety is never compromised for other objectives.
  • To provide training including refresher training, and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.
  • To make available all necessary safety devices and personnel protective equipment, and to maintain and supervise its use.
  • To maintain a constant and continuing interest in Health and Safety matters applicable to the company’s activities and for its management to set an example in safe behaviour.
  • The director will ensure adequate finances and time are made available to monitor and improve Health & Safety training throughout the company.
  • Produce Method Statements and Risk Assessments and issue in a tool box talk.
  • Ensure all equipment is maintained in line with manufactures guidelines and therefore issued as fit for purpose.
  • To provide and maintain plant and systems of work that are safe and without risks to health.
  • To provide Health surveillance checks on a Bi – Annual basis to monitor such things as HAVS.
  • To make sure Emergency procedures are in place for such things as First Aid, Fire & Access & Egress.
  • All hazardous substances will be assessed and dealt with in line with supplier’s recommendations, and the appropriate COSHH assessments issued.

It shall be the duty of every employee at work:

  • To take reasonable steps for the health and safety of his/herself and of other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work.
  • As regards any duty or requirement imposed on his/her employer to any other person by or under any of the relevant statutory duties, to co-operate with the company so far as is necessary to enable that duty or requirement to be performed or complied with.