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Drillcut (UK) Limited invest in environmentally friendly equipment

Drillcut (UK) Limited have invested in environmentally friendly diamond drilling & recycling machines.

5No. Machines have be rolled out across the various depot’s.

The Hilti DD WMS – 100 drilling & recycling units which allow Drillcut (UK) limited to diamond drill for longer periods of time on site causing no mess and recycling there slurry into small bags of contained slurry dust which can be placed into site bins.

The drilling machine allows us to drill any core hole vertically, horizontally or upside down using a 110v/240v supply up to a 250mm diameter core.

The process consists of filling the small lightweight manageable vac up to the max water line (Half a water butt) placing a recycling bag across the top of the water and connecting the drilling machine to the vacuum, Place slurry rings of various sizes over the drill bit and attach the water feed from the vac to the motor. Proceed and turn on the recycle button and drill away.

On an estimate over the last few projects we have completed 31No. 32mm diameter holes through 200mm reinforced concrete slab before emptying the bag into the skip and re filling water unit.

This allows us to be environmentally friendly on site, Leave no mess around site and be pro active with drilling for projects to be completed on a much quicker time scale

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