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Drillcut (UK) Limited Invest In Latest Recycling Equipment

Drillcut (UK) Limited as a company we have recently heavily invested in the latest environmentally friendly portable on site slurry recycling machines. Diamond core drilling recycling wet vacs that recycle all the slurry water used in diamond core drilling masonry walls or slabs and the latest SFP8L slurry machine for larger containment of slurry water.

A portable, easy to use, air powered filter press.  The Slurryfox SFP8L effectively separates water and solids for reuse or proper disposal.

The filter slurry cakes produced have a low moisture content and can be disposed of with normal construction  general waste

Therefore no more leaking slurry pits and storage drums, no more dumping fees or expensive transport costs.

The Drillcut (UK ) Limited SFP8L recycles your job site water over and over at 600L an hour which will keep up with any large stitch drilling projects, Floor sawing & Track sawing work that is required on projects.

Drillcut (UK) Limited also invests in smaller drilling recycling units 

Hilti DD WMS – 100 drilling recycling water management system is A single unit for the supply of cooling water as well as the collection and filtration of wastewater from diamond drilling systems

  • Keeps jobsites clean – all slurry is collected with Hilti water collection systems
  • Easy disposal process – all the slurry is collected in the filter bag
  • One filter bag recycles wastewater up to 7 times; equal to 100 liters of water
  • Approx. 30nr. Holes from half a drum of water recycled using a filter bag
  • Sizes up to 250mm diameter cores recycled