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Drillcut was founded in 1986

Nationally recognised as one of the leading specialists in Diamond drilling, Sawing and controlled demolition & Currently employing over 75+ fully trained operatives across the UK

Diamond Drilling

We provide masonry and concrete core drilling services using only experienced and fully qualified diamond drilling engineers, collectively we have over 125 years of management knowledge in diamond drilling and diamond cutting.

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Controlled Remote Demolition

Our Brokk robotic demolition machines are ideal for working in environments where point loadings, noise, access, and toxic fumes are a challenge.

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Floor Sawing

3 phase or Diesel Floor sawing is commonly used for cutting hard flat surfaces such as motorways, bridges, concrete slabs and trench runs. The diamond blade is capable of cutting up to 600mm depth

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Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire cutting and diamond wire sawing is a flexible tool for masonry, reinforced concrete and steel, iron, aluminium and various forms of metal cutting. It allows almost any large concrete or masonry structure to be cut whe

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Drillcut (UK) Limited is nationally recognised as one of the leading specialist contractors working in the Diamond Drilling, Sawing and Demolition industry.

Our reputation has grown based upon the professional approach that we adopt and the quality of service given at competitive rates. The equipment we use is generally vibration free and has obvious advantages in refurbishments and controlled demolition projects where minimum disruption is crucial to the surrounding environment. Should you require any further information, a quotation, or site visit then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Drillcut Headquarters, Bristol
Drillcut Headquarters, Bristol